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Bearing Heater & Automatic Grease Lubricator

Bearing Heater

Repair-Man YB-DT Features

  • • Selection of user-oriented functions available:

    - Time control function

    - Each time key is pressed, units digit, ten digit, hundreds digit, etc. of number are displayed in sequence in display window.

    - Each time key is pressed a "Beep beep" sound is generated.

    - Loud "Beep beep" sound is generated upon completion of heating process.

  • • Because only the machine tools are heated with the induction heating system, the machine can be operated completely safely, with no danger of causing fire or burns.
  • • Because the machine is computer controlled, repairs are easy.
  • • No application of external force is required for bearing insertion.
  • • Being of small size, machine can be moved easily.
  • • Because machine has built-in overheat prevention circuitry, power is automatically cut off if the machine becomes overheated.
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